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Bird Tourism in Cartagena

If you are a nature lover and you like to observe birds in their natural habitat, you cannot miss visiting Finca Sabaneta in Turbaco, just 10 minutes from the Bolívar Governorate and a few kilometers from Cartagena. This place, which was originally a farm, has been transformed into a sustainable tourist destination that offers bird watching, hiking and organic agricultural products. With a total area of 66.6 hectares in the middle of a tropical dry forest, Finca Sabaneta is home to more than 225 species of birds, some of them endemic and others in danger of extinction, making it the third place with the most species. of birds in the department of Bolívar, after the Turbaco Botanical Garden and the Sanctuary of Los Colorados de San Juan Nepomuceno, in the Montes de María.

Sustainable Tourism Initiative

Agrícola Camelia, the venture led by Rafael Camacho Elías, has been the promoter of this sustainable initiative. Inspired by a similar site near Medellin, Rafael decided to create a place where visitors can enjoy nature and, at the same time, contribute to its conservation. In addition to bird watching, the farm offers the option of lodging and the planting of grafted Tahiti lemon, banana, purple corn, Valencia orange and organic papaya. Beekeeping activities are also carried out, with hives that can produce up to 240 liters of honey that are sold in hotels and restaurants in Cartagena.

Juan bobo (hypnelus ruficollis)

Bird Tourism in Cartagena

The main areas for bird tourism in Cartagena are the natural reserves of La Boquilla, Barú, Los Colorados and the Ciénaga de la Virgen, where you can observe various species of birds such as herons, flamingos, pelicans, ibis and many others. These places offer tours and excursions for bird watching with expert guides, who provide information on the region’s biodiversity and the importance of its conservation.

Bird watching tourism in Colombia is an activity that is gaining more and more popularity and recognition worldwide, so it is important to promote its practice in a sustainable and responsible way, to guarantee the protection and conservation of biodiversity and the environment. . Sustainable tourism in Cartagena and Colombia, in general, is an alternative that promotes environmental care and nature conservation, while generating economic opportunities and employment for local communities.

Golondrina barranquera (stelgidopteryx ruficollis)

Turismo Sostenible Cartagena

Finca Sabaneta is a sustainable tourism destination, and for this reason each visitor who comes to the place plants a tree of native species, such as cedar, oak, and bellflower, obtained from the farm’s nursery. The tourist packages include typical breakfast, guide, binoculars for bird watching and the option of lodging.

To get to Finca Sabaneta, from Cartagena you can take the Troncal de Occidente highway to the municipality of Turbaco, and from there go to the Paraíso sector and take the road to the township of Cañaveral, a few meters from the Turbaco bus terminal -Paradise . A detour towards the Los Volcanes area, on a road with a footprint plate, and after a journey of 1.5 kilometers you will reach Finca Sabaneta. Due to its proximity to the urban center of Turbaco, the tour can also be by bicycle or on foot, if the visitor wishes.

Bird Tourism in Cartagena as an Experience

Bird tourism in Cartagena and Colombia is a unique and unforgettable activity for lovers of nature and bird watching in their natural habitat. With various nature reserves and a privileged climate, Cartagena is the ideal destination to enjoy bird tourism in Colombia and learn about the richness and biodiversity of the region.

In addition, the farm in the Sabaneta area known as Agrícola Camelias has its own nursery where various species of native trees are cultivated, such as cedar, oak and campano, which are used to reforest and preserve the habitat of birds. In fact, every visitor who comes to the place has the opportunity to plant a tree as part of their commitment to sustainable tourism.

Natural Tourism .Cartagena

Bird tourism in Colombia is one of the main attractions for lovers of nature and bird watching in their natural habitat. Colombia is considered one of the richest countries in biodiversity and has more than 1,900 bird species, making it home to around 20% of the world’s bird species.

In the city of Cartagena, you can also enjoy bird tourism, as it has various nature reserves, tropical dry forests, mangroves, and wetlands, which offer a natural habitat for wildlife and migratory birds. Bird tourism in Cartagena is a sustainable and environmentally responsible activity, which seeks to preserve the region’s biodiversity.

To get to Cartagena, you can access it by air, with direct flights from the main cities of Colombia and some cities in Latin America, Europe and the United States. It is also possible to arrive by land or sea, through the city’s ports.

How to get to the farm in Sabaneta Camelias Experience ?

The location of the Sabaneta farm is also very convenient, since it is only 1.5 kilometers from the urban area of the Paraíso sector in Turbaco, on the road to Cañaveral. From Cartagena, it can be easily reached by vehicle through the Troncal de Occidente highway to the municipality of Turbaco, and from there go to the Paraíso sector and take the road to the village of Cañaveral.

In short, the Sabaneta farm is an ideal destination for lovers of bird tourism and nature in general. Thanks to its commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable tourism, Agrícola Camelia has created a unique experience that allows visitors to enjoy the natural beauty of the region in a respectful and responsible way. Do not miss the opportunity to discover this wonderful place on your next visit to Cartagena.


A solo 1,5 kilómetros del casco urbano del sector Paraíso en Turbaco, en la vía a Cañaveral. Desde Cartagena.

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